About Us
Wantana Foundry Co.,Ltd was established since 2002 in 12,800 square meters area(2 factories,1office) with 60
employees by produce automotive parts, agricultural machine parts and other machanics spare part. Our organization
intend to develop continuosly until was certified standard quality by ISO  9001:2008
We produce gray cast iron (FC 250-400) and ductile iron (FCD 450-600).In our factrory has 2 induction furnace,
size 1 ton which can melt and pour 25-30 tons of iron casting daily. Automatic molding line AMFIII can
produce the job size 5 to 15 kgs and jolt squeeze FD1 and FD2 (manual  molding line) can produce the  job size 5 to 50

Be engrossed in the excellence of melting.
Develop the organization to became the producer in automotive parts indrustry.
Intention to develop the organization, by consider the costomer satifaction.
- Good quality.
- Low cost and Reasonable price.
- Delivered on time.
- Good survice.
- Quality management system.