Wantana Group
Wantana group is a manufacturer of agriculture machine parts more than over 30 years.We have been
continuously developed our organization. We can operate our system to produce automotive parts which are 4
foundries and 2 machining plants that can enhance to various markets such as automotive, agricultural,electricity
and other industries
Our product include : cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, high tensile strength steel and stainless steel.

Wantana Mach-Tech Co.,Ltd
(1973) Wantana Co.,Ltd (head office) was established on 1973 at Soi Jomthong 19 for
produced agricultural parts with Cubola furnace and machining plant.Now the procedure
melts was closed. >> more details <<
Siam Castech Co.,Ltd
(1994) Siam Castech Co.,Ltd was established to expand the production to the other
industrials by set up more machines which help the ability to produce ductile iron, cast
steel, high tensile strength cast steel, stainless steel, heat resisting steel and special steel
with electrical heating furnace.Products are agriculural parts, lower portion trailer parts
and made to order. >> more details <<
Wantana Foundry Co.,Ltd.
(2002) Wantana Foundry Co.,Ltd was established for served need of high quality cast
market, automotive industry, with automatic moulding machine.>> more details <<

Wantana Metal Works Co.,Ltd
(2009) In 2009 , the faseeing executives in the enhanced market and increasing demand
of casting iron industry, especially agricultural parts.Wantana Metal Works Co.,Ltd was
established at Rachaburi in 80,000 square meters areas that produce cast iron, ductile
iron and cast steel... >> more details <<